We are looking for Ambassadors!

As part of our market entry strategy, we are relying completely on Ambassadors, people like you and me that travel for work a fair bit and want to find tools to make our travels easier.

Would you like to join our team of Ambassadors?

It's easy, you'll get a free luggage and on top you could make money from the luggage you sell!

read below to learn how.

How do I become Ambassador?

It's very simple: you only need to fill in the form in this link, where you should tell us why would you be best Ambassador for Jey&em. Maybe it is about your network, colleagues at work or maybe you have a strong social network (LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook....)

Once submitted, our marketing team will analyse your request and get back to you within 48h.

If accepted, you will be receiving all needed information and you will be receiving a free complete ONE set by the 1st of October. It will be yours, free to use it as much as you wish.

What is my role as Ambassador?

We believe that word of mouth is still the best way to reach potential users. Your role will be to diffuse the project to friends, family and work colleagues that you believe could be potential users of ONE.

In addition, we would love if you could share it with your wider social network, in particular LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

Of course, if you have any other idea of how you could help us, feel free to suggest! Whether is suggesting to sell the product at the company where you work (we call that co-branding), or doing a review on your blog... any suggestion will be welcomed.

Can I earn money from this?

Yes, that's the coolest part :) As Ambassador you will get a unique web code that you can share with your network. This code will give your friends and family an additional discount of 10% and you will get a 10% of the full amount of the purchase.

It's a win-win situation!

This money that you will earn, you can either use it for purchases on our online shop, or we can send you the amount via bank transfer (minimum amount of 100€)

Fine Print: no fine print

You becoming an Ambassador does not mean you have a contract or any obligation towards us. We believe that you need to like the product and feel comfortable sharing the project with your network.

If you have any question, feel free to talk to us, simply email hello@jeyandem.com with the work "Ambassador" in the email title.