That wouldn't happen if you had a Jey&em ONE

Recently I was travelling together with a dear colleague, a short 2 day trip in Germany with a couple of meetings and plenty of commuting (train, airplane, couple of taxis) and long walks in airports and train stations.

Unfortunately, my colleague did not have (yet) his ONE carry-on luggage, and so many times I said the sentence "if you had my suitcase... that wouldn't happen..." We were laughing at the end, but he recognized his luggage was simply not fit for business travel.

Here are three situations that happened and that the talented illustrator Iva Mikles translated into pictures.

Let's call my colleague John...

In the airplane

We had an early flight leaving from Zurich and probably a coffee would have helped a bit. We sat at our respective places, John took his laptop from his luggage and started working in a rush to try and send a couple of emails before taking off. Not 5 minutes passed, he got up to grab (I believe) a headphone. Then again he took a couple of papers, and then the tablet! I was getting tired just by seeing him getting up so many times!

If only he had a ONE luggage, he would have kept his laptop case with him with all the stuff he needed to work during the next 2 days.

Getting into a cab

I felt quite bad for him, but it still makes me laugh now :)

We stopped a cab in the city centre, a bit in a rush because we were delayed. The cab driver literally threw our luggage into the trunk! Lucky me I always keep my laptop case with me (I never let go of my precious mobile office) but John laptop was in the luggage flying and crashing in the taxi's trunk. For the next 30 minutes, he was pale....not sure his laptop had survived!

At the reception of the client's office

Picture a spotless lobby, marble wall and floors, suited people...

and John on the floor scavenging through his luggage looking for the papers where he had all the contact details for the meeting!

Not the greatest start for a meeting, luckily after this all went well! By the end of the day, we grabbed a nice large lager and celebrated another pleasant business trip!

Always remember, travelling is not from A to B, it often a windy road full of experiences, make sure you enjoy them and make your business trips pleasant and memorable.

did you know our logo represents the journey of your travels? A windy road that starts at A and finished at Z!

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