Designed by Sapetti, authors of the Chairless Chair, Blinkers and other groundbreaking products

When embarking on the journey to create an innovative luggage, we knew we needed to partner with a design agency. And for that we didn't compromise, we went to the renown multi award studio Sapetti, in the heart of Switzerland.

Their approach to the problem was aligned with our thinking: the style of the luggage had to follow the functionality. The user is key to the project, in fact the mission of the company is to simplify the travel. Which is why a large part of the project was focused onto making the attachment of the laptop case simple and intuitive as well as secure.

The overall design of the luggage was kept soft and with minimal distractions. The center recess area was tested again and again until they found an optimal solution that would cater for the laptop case without compromising the internal pace.

As part of the collaboration, Sapetti took ownership of the engineering the shells and overall BOM of the project, which led them to discover what is today a key particularity of the luggage: the 5 degree lateral inclination. This provides optimal stability to the luggage when the user places heavy loads into the laptop case (we've tested situations with up to 10kg of laptop and tablets into the bag!

I has been a very positive experience working both with the team Sapetti, with a proactive approach at all stages of the project ensuring a high quality finished product. They proved us that - other than exoskeletons, ergonomic office chairs and bike lights - they can provide high-end service designing suitcases and soft bags.

Definitively Sapetti will remain our design partner for future projects.