The first luggage with a click-on dedicated laptop case and removable power bank. 

Engineered in Switzerland 

Designed by Sapetti



designed for the business traveller

dedicated click-on laptop case with TSA lock

removable 10'000mah battery to charge on the go - approved by all airlines - 

Stability tilt® technology (patented) provides optimal stability even with heavy weights.

only high-end materials: premium grade polycarbonate shells, silent-run Japanese wheels, etc, 


combine the comfort of the wheeled luggage and practicality of the backpack 

ONE gives you the best of both worlds in a unique product! No need to overload your shoulders, or having to take your luggage (with dirty socks and stuff) to meetings with your clients.

Detach your case

whenever you want

In a world becoming evermore focused on convenience, Jey & Em is no different!


Keep your laptop case near you at all times and leave your smart luggage in the over head compartment on a train, under your seat on a plane, or even at check-in!

Detach your laptop case whenever you want

Easily detach your laptop case from your luggage and keep your nomad office with you at all times. 


Your luggage can then be placed in the overhead compartment on a plane, on the luggage rack of the train, or even at the reception of your client's office


Thanks to the patented 5 degree tilt to the back, ONE is very stable even when you have a heavy laptop case at the front. 





The inside of ONE is fully divided with 2 zipped pockets. In addition, you have two easily accessible pockets for your toiletries or smaller items.




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Jey&em, the luggage online shop with the unique luggage with laptop case

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key features:


Detachable laptop case

Integrated power bank (FAA approved)

Securable laptop case with TSA lock

Bluetooth tracker on luggage and case

Hi-end materials and components used

Extra silent Japanese wheels


we know you'll love it, that is why you can return your ONE luggage within 100days if you are not convinced!


our products come with a standard 3-year limited warranty.


ONE, the laptop bags and the power bank are compliant with international flight regulations for cabin luggage.