The laptop case: BAG or SLEEVE

You can choose what suits you better!

With the BAG, you can have your full mobile office on the go!

The Bag has 2 compartments: a large one to fit a laptop (up to 15.4"), a book and some papers, and smaller compartment with internal divisions.


But if you prefer to travel light with only the essentials, then the SLEEVE is the one for you!  

With a slimmer design, the SLEEVE has one main compartment for laptops up to 15.4"  and an elastic pocket for the charger and a book.

Secure and Anti-theft

Having your laptop in the front of your luggage means it has to be safe and secure.

For that, we have implemented a special front TSA lock where you can lock your laptop case so it cannot be stolen or removed by mistake. 

On top of this, we also have Fidlock™: a German magnetic fastener that can hold in total over 50kg.


Charge on the Go

To make sure you don't run out of battery on your smartphone we have added a power bank that fits in the handle of the luggage. It will give you up to 6 additional charges, and it's easily accessible.

The 10'000mah power bank is included in the luggage, and comes together with 3-in-1 USB cable (usb C, usb mini and lightning). 


It can also be placed inside the BAG or the SLEEVE, as there's special pocket for it. This way you can charge your tablet and phone on the go, without cables hanging everywhere.


Balance Tilt® for optimal stability

Jey&em ONE has a patented 5 degree inclination to compensate for the extra weight of your laptop case. Even with a fully packed laptop bag, your luggage will not tip over... it's soo satisfying!


Keep your things organised

The luggage and the laptop case have been carefully designed to offer you enough room for your belongings. Also there are different pockets and dividers to make sure your things stay well organised during your trip. 

ONE - the luggage - has an optimised capacity of about 15% extra space thanks to the embedded wheels and the minimal recess for the laptop case

Have it personalised

We believe in responsible consumption and as so we would like ONE to be your travel partner that you will keep for a long time, not a disposable luggage. 


That is why we are offering the possibility of personalising your ONE luggage by having your name engraved on the metal plate at the back of the luggage. 

For companies and teams we offer the possibility of having your logo added to the rear plate.